Biostatistics Department

The Biostatistics Department of the hospital was created to foster the application of statistics in the biological field. The department aims at promoting clinical, laboratory investigations through development and innovative application of statistics including interfaces with medicine, biology and information technology. Our department also sees to the development of quantitative methodologies and tools for scientific research in the clinical and public health field with the aim of improving the quality of care that the hospital delivers to her patients. Our vision as a department embraces all scientific methods starting from study design, data collection, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results.

The department has two medical records units at the main OPD and that of Reproductive and Child Health Unit. These units are staffed with able professionals who see to the registration of patients using Patient Health Information System (PHIS), retrieval and filing of folders. The records unit serves as the first point of call and due to that, staff are being trained on customer care in order to achieve a multiplying effect.

Our department is blessed with eleven (11) staff that are experts in the management of patient’s health information, various statistical and epidemiological methods that advances understanding of both clinical and public health practice and also help ensure that research is done based on standards. In order to improve the intellectual capacity at the department, the department do train her staff and students on application of statistics and technology in both clinical and public health practice.