Overview of the Department (Functions /Objectives)

The laboratory department which is the main diagnostic unit in St. John of God Hospital works with accuracy, precision with good stamina of Staff for effective Diagnosis. The Laboratory department orient clients and give maximum clients’ satisfaction as well as reliable results by taking proper care of the Pre-analytical, Analytical and Post Analytical protocols.

2.2. Human Resource

The Laboratory operates with

  • Six (6) permanent staff comprising of (2 Senior Medical Laboratory Scientist,1 Deputy Chief Technical Officer, 1 Senior Technical Officer, 1 Technical officer and 1 Principal Laboratory Assistant),
  • Two(2) Medical Laboratory Scientist Staff on contract
  • Six (6) National Service Personnel
  • 1 Voluntary Student

Making a total of Fifteen (15) personnel.


The department runs a two shift 24/7hour system by helping in the diagnosis, treatment and management of clients. The following diagnostic services are rendered:

a) Haematology: tests performed are Full blood Count (FBC), Sickling and Hb Electrophoresis, G6PD, Blood film for Malaria Parasites, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), Blood Film Comment, Malaria RDT (Pf), etc.

b) Serology: Hepatitis B surface antigen test, Hepatitis C virus test, Syphilis (TPHA), Blood Grouping and Rhesus (D), Coomb’s, Cross-matching, HIV, etc.

c) Microbiology: Sputum for AFB, Urine and Stool Routine Examinations, Culture and Sensitivity Testing of Urine, Wound, CSF, HVS, Ascetic Fluid, Sputum, Pus, Skin Snip, Semen Analysis etc.

d) Clinical chemistry: Liver Functioning Tests (LFT), Renal Functioning Tests (RFT), Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, Blood Glucose etc.

e) Blood Transfusion: Processing of Blood, Screening and Bleeding donors, Prepare Blood (Whole Blood, Packed Cells and Plasma) for transfusion


  1. To help provide reliable and efficient diagnoses:

a) By improving on haematological services

b) By performing hormonal analysis (O and G)

c) By improving on work ergonomics

d) By providing Electrolyte Analysis

e) By providing Coagulation Analysis

f) By making the Bacteriology unit fully functional

g) By continuing with Reach – Out Activity

2. To improve on Staff Training:

a) By organizing Workshop for Nurses on Pre Analytical protocols

b) By continuing with Laboratory Presentation and Workshop

c) By providing Departmental Reading Area

3. To improve on blood banking services

a) By acquiring Refrigerated Centrifuge and Blood Bank Refrigerator

b) By helping reduce transfusion over-load by acquiring Weighing Scale

4. To improve on proper documentation-100%

a) By having SOPs for all tests done

5. To improve on communication among staffs and clients

a) By having orientation at the OPD

b) By preparing video presentation of Laboratory protocols

Our Pricing Plan

  • Dental Implant$45.00
  • Another Feature$50.00
  • Another Major Feature$55.00
  • Emergency Care$25.00
  • Prescription Drugs$30.00
  • Specialist Visits$20.00
  • Rheumatology$25.00

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Dr.Zinia Zara

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