Maternity / Labour Department

Maternity unit is a big department that provides maternal and child health care services including gynecological cases.

Midwives carry a huge responsibility in helping women through the hard work and pain that is labour, yet what a privilege it is to help women and their partners capture the excitement of bringing a new human being into the world.


Our services include

  • Antenatal Care: Thus, taking care of pregnant women who are sick and monitoring them until they become fit to carry on with their pregnancy.
  • Labour and Delivery: We monitor clients who are due for labour to deliver safely.
  • Postnatal Care: The labour unit also take care of preperal women after delivery for 24 hours before we discharge them including their babies.
  • Operative Care: We take care of Caesarian section clients and any client who have undergone surgery like Hysterectomy, myomectomy and Salpingectomy.
  • Abortion Care: We take care of bleeding cases that could not go term.

The department has a bed capacity of 24 beds that have been divided into sections where the above services are provided.

It has a recovery room for the surgical cases , room one for postnatal cases and room two for antenatal and bleeding cases


  • Conduction of delivery
  • Administration of medication
  • Monitoring of clients vitals
  • Monitoring of labour cases with parthograph
  • Daily bathing and dressing of baby’s cord
  • Dressing of surgical wounds
  • Management of abortion and its complications
  • Management of obsolete and gynecological
  • Daily ward rounds by a medical officer and staffs (midwives).