Orthopaedic Department

Established on 5 November 2007 and commissioned by Dr. Ing Cor Steven (Maastricht Netherlands) solely for the purpose of Orthopaedics but now involves trauma injuries and Clubfoot projects.

The Orthopaedic department caters for over 1000 surgeries every year. Among these surgeries includes, Ingrown nails, Osteotomy, MUA, ORIF, Sequestrectomy, ETA, Hip Spica, necessary amputation etc. performed by the lead Surgeon Dr. Prosper A.K Moh and seasonal specialists from the Netherlands.


  • To provide holistic quality care to our clients
  • Professional in providing services to our clients
  • Integrity in rendering services to our clients


  • To uphold SJGH in high esteem in providing quality health care in the most effective, efficient and innovative manner to our clients

Our responsibility as a specialists department is

  • To improve on lifting techniques
  • To render quality service and be compassionate to clients
  • To ensure that staff adhere to the highest code and principles of ethics
  • To use evidence based practice in the care of Surgical Wounds
  • Proper documentation of patient care
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • To organize workshop on patient issues in the ward