Pharmacy Department

The St John of God Hospital Pharmacy provides comprehensive pharmaceutical care to inpatients, outpatients and the community at large. Through the setting of highest standards by continuously maintaining and improving the medication management and pharmaceutical care of patients.

Our Responsibilities

  • Procurement of quality medications from FDA approved vendors
  • Preparation of extemporaneous preparations using good manufacturing practices
  • Verifies dosage and ensure that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labelled.
  • Advises patients on any adverse side-effects of medicines or potential interactions with other medicines/treatments.
  • Provides a prescription intervention service.
  • Dispenses prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and¬†medical devices such as Orthotics (cervical collars, lumber corsets, knee braces etc.)
  • Counsels and advises the public on the treatment of minor ailments
  • Provision of specialise care to patients on anti retroviral and anti tuberculoses medications¬†
  • Availability of a pharmacovigilance centre for reporting adverse drug reactions and other product defects to the FDA
Pharmacy Department -

The Team

Our skilled Pharmacists, Technologists and auxiliary staff work with you to make sure you have the right medications and how to take them, in a bid to maximise therapeutic efficacy and minimise adverse drug reactions.

Getting your Medicine

Want to save time? Use telephone-order pharmacy instead; by calling the pharmacy using the number on the bottom of the page.

Working Hours

Monday to Friday (8am to 8pm)
Saturday and Sundays (8am to 8pm)

Emergency call services available after 8pm

How can we help you?

If you have questions about how to get your medicine, please call the phone number on your prescription label.