Public Health Department

The Department was establish to provide health care to all by inculcating both clinical and preventive health care practices.

The Unit is an important arm of the hospital that renders a comprehensive care to all people that come from far and near.


  • To ensure growth monitoring and immunization for children under 5 years
  • To control the spread of communicable diseases trough surveillance
  • To prevent the occurrence of non-communicable diseases
  • To promote god and healthy environment through health educational talks
  • To offer daily TC/PMTCT services
  • To strengthening Adolescent corner through Advocacy and refer appropriately.


  • Testing and counselling services
  • Embark on school health
  • Cervical and breast screening
  • Early infant diagnosis (HIV/ Exposed Infant)
  • Offer well baby clinic both static and satellite
  • Daily Antenatal and Postnatal services
  • Embark on weekly health education with the hospital and beyond.

Reproduction and child health as the name implies, the department takes care of pregnant mothers through Antenatal care and ensure successful pregnancy period and safe delivery (i.e. Healthy mothers and baby and continue care of the child until 5 years.

The unit ensure proper growth monitoring and immunization accordingly. Testing and counselling of HIV/AIDS both CT and PMTCT services are offered.

In addition, Breast and cervical screening services are also available for early detection and control of infection among our women.

The Unit carry out child school health services in (22) twenty-two schools within the Duayaw Nkwanta Sub-District.

Our proper cold chain management continue to aid us achieve best result on immunization.

Client-Staff relationship is at its peak. No wonder St. John of God Hospital RCH records large number of attendants at our child welfare and antenatal clinics